I read different replies to your question

JAG will be of no help to you because this is a civil matter. They deal only in military and are VERY limited in what they can do. I am in the military and went the exact same thing that your husband is going through. I was stationed in Italy when the whole drama started. I was told by my 1st Sgt to see JAG and was given no help.

So I had to consult with an attorney from the states while overseas. I wrote letter after letter and made phone call after phone call. It wont be easy and the cost was not cheap! You two will have to sit down and decide what you really want before you do it.

Child services though I will tell you will be no help to you because all they see in your husband is a paycheck and nothing more. If this is what you really want (you and your husband) then get ready for a fight! I commend you (wife) for standing by your husbands side through all of this. I was fortunate to have a good wife for support through the whole thing.

Good Luck in your fight.