I have been the primary caretaker and sole provider

I have been the primary caretaker and sole provider for my daughter, now 2 for the last 8 months. Previous to that my wife and I were together and cared for our daughter together. My wife left in June 2015 and went to live with a guy.

They broke up and she moved out of state and now is living with another guy and his wife (interesting note) I have tried to involve my wife in my daughter’s life over these months and have gotten her to take her on weekends sometimes. Recently I had to file for child support and her reaction was to take my daughter away, while I was at work.

Clean our home of almost all its possessions. And now, refuses to return my daughter. She applied for a loan online and has talked with an attorney and has tried to start an investigation of child abuse against me. I have an attorney and have filed for full custody and an emergency return of my daughter and her furniture, clothes, and toys. My wife today has taken my daughter to a pediatrician for an exam.

My attorney is not worried about my wife’s actions as I have enough evidence of her being neglectful and that this is retaliatory for me seeking that she pay anything for support. I simply am upset that my daughter has been subjected to this and that she will learn that we had this battle over her.

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