Visitation abuse

A big HELLO! to all on this helpful website.

I’m writing this of course for help on behalf of my son, I am my son’s father!

The facts are me and my wife have been separated for almost two years. I have temporary custody for 8mo. and physical 14mo. of that time. I had given her visitation on a regular basis always supervised by myself or her mother, except on two occasions. She does not consistently show up for court costing me money and time. On new years eve she tried to drive with the kids(2 stepchildren) I refused to let her, and as you can imagine things got ugly the police showed up and we filled out a report(left out the specifics).

About one month later I was sitting in front of her house to pick up my son and her best friend shows up with husband and threatens my soon to be x of beating the crap of her because she was doing her husband. Then Feb. some time I get contacted from DCFS doing an investigation on her for neglect to my stepdaughter (poss. from school) and they file charges on her. She does not work and is receiving housing and pub. aid.

We were supposed to go to mediation for terms of visitation she has not shown up to three appointments. My attorney said these actions from above would be documented at that time. Is there some way that this might be visitation abuse or some way I can get this stuff documented for the court case, so when I do finally go to trial it is there? She has signed a document stating that her visit would be supervised on one of our status calls. For her to pull this stuff while she knows she is under the microscope of the court who is to say what she might do.

Ultimately I would like her visits supervised until she takes out cash advance and gets paid help with drugs and alcohol and bulimia (mediation probably). I would also like to get custody of my stepdaughter I raised her from 6mo. old to 4year she is going on 6 and is autistic I know I can meet her needs better than the x, my attorney says that I don’t have much chance because she was not adopted.

What can I do? I have not had enough time to research sources and options please give me some feedback I can research, I did find your links wonderful. Are they updated frequently? Any help from anyone would be much appreciated.

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