From my experience, the court system is disinterested

From my experience, the court system is disinterested if you are laid off. They “tag” fathers to pay regardless. It’s sad, but thank your courts, district attorneys, and politicians. If fathers are in arrears, the Bradly Amendment states you cannot erase, remove, or “forgive” the arrears. If you are laid off, my suggestion is petition the court to modify the support order. The child support enforcement agencies are held by a court order and can not remove the order.

Thus, your arrears add up while you are jobless! Pay as much as you possibly can. Take all the payday loans. Make some effort. Do not stop paying altogether. This happened to me and I paid as much as I can.

As far as getting a PT job and going to school, the court will look at your past work experience and expect you to get a job of equal skill set. It all depends on the judge. I have seen where consideration has been given to allow the father to go back to school and work a PT job. Since you were “laid off”, IMO you aren’t evading child support. That amount seems quite much; however, in most states, the amount is based on your gross income. So, if you get a job of lesser pay and the court order modifies the current order, you won’t be expected to pay that amount. It’s all up to the judge!!

~Good luck & best wishes!!~

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