My husband needs help!

Is anyone here familiar with Pennsylvania Domestic Relations? My husband has a child support hearing coming up there. He even took $5000 loan here, which helped us to stay on feet for some time. He has a child from a relationship from before our marriage (we had a baby at the time but were on a short split-up, we got married a year later). He was military and we were stationed overseas. He has seen his son only twice in four years (that is how old his son is now).

He currently pays $300 per month in support and they want to raise it.

He gets paid twice a month and his pay each time is only about $500. We simply cannot afford an increase at this time, we have a family of three to feed and support. I cannot work due to limited jobs and physical problems that limit what I can do. We also offered health insurance and the mother refused, they sent us notification stating that we are not responsible for health insurance. Then they turn around and tell the mother to go for more money.

Can they do that?!?

Also, there is no child custody/visitation order.

We, at some point, would like to have joint custody. If we start off slow, with visitation and such, what would our chances be? We haven’t been able to even think about it until recently because we only just recently found out where the mother is and Domestic Relations is no help. What are our rights? Please help.

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